Top 10 Most Test Wickets By Non-Asian Pacers In Asia

When it comes to testing cricket, the playing surfaces in Asian countries are better for spin than speed. Fast bowlers from other parts of the world find it hard to get wickets in Asia because the pitches are often in different conditions. Because they have to do so much more work, it is pretty amazing when they are successful. Let’s look at the Non-Asian pacers who have taken the most wickets in tests played in Asia. 

  • Mitchell Starc –

Mitchell Starc is an Australian pitcher who throws with his left hand. He is great at both swinging the ball and throwing yorkers. He did pretty well for Australia when they went on a tour of Sri Lanka in 2016. The tour took place in the hot and humid weather that is typical of Asia. Even though Australia lost the series by a score of 3-0, Starc was great with the ball. During the three games he played, he had a total of 24 wickets, including three hat-tricks. In test matches in Asia, Starc has taken 50 wickets.

  • Wes Hall –

Wes Hall was an amazing athlete who played the position of fast bowler for the West Indies. Many of his wickets in Asian conditions came when he played for the West Indies during their 1958–1959 tour of India. At the end of the series, he had 30 wickets, which shows how well he did as a bowler. At the end of the Kanpur test in the series, he had taken 11 wickets, six in the first innings and five in the second. At the end of his professional career, Wes Hall had taken 54 wickets in tests in the Asian zone.

  • Jason Gillespie –

Jason Gillespie, who hails from Australia, is a fast bowler. He was usually successful in picking up wickets everywhere he traveled in Asia, regardless of the location. He was a significant contributor to Australia’s achievement in the Border–Gavaskar Trophy series, which was held in India during the years 2004–2005. This victory had been a long time coming. Far though he got eight wickets in the series against Bangladesh, the astounding hundred he struck was even more impressive than his performance on the field. In Asia’s 54 test matches, Jason Gillespie was the bowler who got the most wickets, making him the top bowler in the region.

  • Shaun Pollock –

Shaun Pollock, a performer hailing from South Africa, has been active for quite some time. During his career, he and his band traveled across several Asian nations on tour. He competed in a total of 17 matches throughout the continent of Asia. Shaun Pollock was able to take sixty wickets for his side in the test matches that were played in Asia.

  • Richard Hadlee –

Sir Richard Hadlee was a bowler who excelled in all aspects of the game and represented both England and New Zealand throughout his career. At one point in his career, he was so talented that the whole New Zealand squad relied on him, and he was the only player who could defend the position. At that time, he was the only player who could do either of those things. During the period that he was playing in Asia, he had five or more wickets taken at least five times, including twice in Sri Lanka, once in India, and once in Pakistan. In the test matches that were held in Asia, Richard Hadlee was successful in taking 68 wickets.

  • Malcolm Marshall –

Malcolm Marshall was a fast bowler from the West Indies who played in the 1980s. He has since stopped playing. They were the odds-on favorites to win the 1983 World Cup, but India ended up taking home the trophy. Marshall took 33 wickets out of a possible 100 throughout the six games, which was a big part of the team’s overall success and led to their victory. Marshall was also a skilled traveler who had been all over Asia. Malcolm Marshall took an incredible 71 test wickets in conditions like those in Asia.

  • Glenn McGrath –

Glenn McGrath is one of the best fast bowlers in cricket history. He plays for the Australian cricket team. He and Shane Warne were mostly responsible for Australia’s bowling attack in test cricket, which was the best in history. Even though he played in Asia in several different series, it was clear that McGrath was doing well with the ball. In other words, Glenn McGrath was directly responsible for an incredible 72 test wickets in Asia.

  • James Anderson –

James Anderson is a fast bowler who plays for England. He is known for his great swing bowling. When it comes to bowling with a new ball, he is right up there with the best in the world. He has played in so many test matches that it is hard to keep track. Because he has competed in Asian countries, he has been able to perfect his bowling skills throughout his career. Up to this point, James Anderson has taken 74 wickets in test matches in Asia.

  • Courtney Walsh –

As a pacer for the West Indies cricket team during the 1980s and 1990s, Courtney Walsh was very busy. He was the first bowler in test cricket history to end their career with 500 wickets. Throughout two test series played in India, he took 43 wickets. In Pakistan, he was an important part of getting several wickets. During his career, Courtney Walsh took 77 wickets in the Asian Test zone.

  • Dale Steyn –

This South African pitcher has been called Dale Steyn. He stood out from the other pacers because he was able to leave his mark in every part of the world and win matches consistently no matter what the conditions were. His 7-51 in the Nagpur Test of 2010 is one of the best things he has done in Asia and one of the best things he has done in all of his test careers. This includes the shows he has done in Asia. In the last inning of the game, South Africa was able to win. During the whole Asian series, he was able to take a good number of wickets. Throughout his 92 tests, Dale Steyn caused 92 deaths in Asia.

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