There were 224.3 million smartphone users in 2017

Factors like the increasing use of smartphones, the surge in internet expansion, access to the cost-effective mobile application propel the ongoing growth and popularity of online casinos. As per the Internet Innovation Alliance’s report, 1.5billion smartphones were sold globally in 2016, smartphone penetration in the US would be 72.7% by 2021. American Gaming Association (AGA) cited there are about two thousand eight hundred active online betting sites in 2018, offering various games such as bingo, slot, blackjack, roulette. Electronic Gaming Devices (EGDs), advanced technology, and the service of premier gaming service providers will enhance the platform for the global betting market.

A Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) can be used as an electronic slot and poker machine due to the advanced, versatile software. The lockdown due to the pandemic amplified the demand for online casino games such as Pok Deng (ป๊อกเด้ง). Increasing automation, supplemented with secure digital payment, intensive research development in technology by bookmakers around the globe is further fueling the demand for online gaming. Many elite gambling service providers offer cloud-based products; some are forming joint ventures with technology firms to offer more immersive, engaging casino games.

There are over five million mobile users in the world

North America and Europe provide a chunk of the global gambling revenue, as the citizens are bestowed with higher disposable income. Other factors like exclusive research development work, better digitalization, secure online payment in Europe and North America surging the demand for online casinos. Internet Innovation Alliance stated there were 224.3 million smartphone users in 2017, which is estimated to expand to 270 million by 2022. The US’s new regulation allows online poker, sports betting, which is added advantage to online bookmakers. New Jersey is the largest state in the US that allows legitimate gambling. In this state, live sport betting apps and websites are available. Asia Pacific region is growing in gambling population due to increased use of smartphones and younger generation.

It is assumed there are over five million mobile users in the world, and half of them are smartphone owners. But mobile technology has not been so profound, either across countries or within. Penetration of smartphone and internet in developed countries are more than that of in the emerging economies. Online casino games are becoming preferred leisure activity both in developed and developing countries, primarily for convenience. As per the Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile subscriptions increased by 104% in the fourth quarter of 2018; by 2022, it is expected to touch eight billion. This figure includes multiple device ownership and inactive users, but still, the number is staggering.

According to statistics provided by World Casino Directory, the number of online poker players remains subdued, with a minor fall of 2,679.3 million from 2,688.1 million, and there is a substantial increase in bingo players the revenue rose to US$1.96 billion from US$148 million. The rise is threefold from 2003 to till date. As Pok Deng is a relatively new casino card gameno such figure is available. In the interactive domain, Japan remains at the apex of the thirty charted countries, with revenue almost equal to that of China. The UK is a significant player as it constitutes 16.7% of legitimate global revenue and 36.3% of international interactive betting by player position.