Mobile gambling constitutes more than 45% of the overall online gambling

Many governments worldwide have started legalizing online casinos as it provides adequate employment opportunity and revenue to governments. In 2018, May the US Supreme Court amended the law, permitting sports wagering on college and professional sports events. After the ruling of the federal court, eleven American states allowed sports betting. The rising occurrence of hacking and cybercrime is a deterrent for the growth of the gambling industry. Counterfeit apps and app-based hacking is a threat to players, as personal information like bank account, credit/debit card numbers are stolen by hackers.

Players shift from traditional casinos to digital ones

Some professional Chinese hackers manipulated online gambling websites of Southeast Asia in February 2020. The unrestricted access of minors to gambling websites is another primary concern for this growing industry. During the lockdown due to the covid-19 pandemic, the online casinos saw considerable growth in both revenue and organic traffic. The stringent restriction of movement imposed by several governments is the driving force for enhanced revenue and digital footfall of online casinos. Players shift from traditional casinos to digital ones; mega888 download app provides more ease and comfort to players. Easy Payment Gateway statistic shows there is a surge of 10% in transaction processing volume in May 2020. However, sports betting showed sluggish growth as many main professional sports events were canceled.

European betting online accounted for over 40% of the regional revenue share in 2019. The growth rate is expected around 14% by 2026. Sports betting are becoming more popular in Europe, and noteworthy activity is witnessed during significant football events like FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship. France’s online gambling authority (ARJEL) revealed players betted US$436 million during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. In the UK, the betting amount was US$3.2 billion during the sports event, which is almost double than that of the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Mobile gambling constitutes more than 45% of the overall online gambling market of the UK. Improved technology in smartphone-like higher RAM, storage capacity, vivid graphics enhanced mobile gaming experience. Mega888 Download apk offers all the facilities like loyalty points, welcome, no deposit bonus, interaction with other players. These facilities are attracting new customers to mobile casinos. The mobile casino is growing through substantial growth due to the rapid increase of smartphones. 79% of the adult British population own smartphones and, on average, spend two hours daily on mobile devices. The easy accessibility and tariff of mobile internet make it a perfect platform for gaming activities.