How and When Did Casino Fish Shooting Games Become Popular?

If I am a betting man, I will assume that you have no idea what a fish shooting game was. Right? Maybe, this is due to the fact that very few casinos are offering this fun game whether it is land based or online.

Although, believe it or not, fish shooting games are extremely popular. Even though no other machine games can replace the success of slots, sometimes playing slots are now getting more dull and predictable. 

This is where the magic of obscure games like fish shooting comes into play, it can offer fresh gaming experience to punters and also provide lucrative prizes.

What are fish shooting games?

There is no clear consensus about the exact origins of fish shooting games. Although, it could be assumed that it has its origin from the arcade halls of Singapore and Hong Kong. 

The game could’ve spread throughout the Asia-Pacific regions and may have established supporters from niche casino players.

The concept of the game is very simple, a group of four players gather around a game table. Cannons are put from each side of the table and players will try to shoot a variety of fish to gain points. The collected points from each round can be converted to cash after the games. 

How did they become popular?

The popularity of ban ca has increased over time. Some land-based casinos in Macau offer this game but in secluded parts of the casino where other obscure games belong, like keno and sic bo. 

The popularity of this game skyrocketed because it became a response to the fans of slots who are starting to find the game becoming more predictable over the time. Both games have some similarities, although fish games are much more considered as an arcade game rather than a gambling game. 

Why is it a skill-based game?

One of the things that set fish shooting games apart from video slots is that it is more of a skill-based game rather than a luck-based one like slots. Players are allowed to formulate strategies and employ some personal skills to catch more fish and win more prizes.

Why does it encourage players to spend some time?

While most slot games are solitary and do not encourage engaging activities, fish shooting is different. In this game, players are allowed to interact with other players, and can help the players to build strong bonds with each other as well 

How did it become a fun and exciting game?

Fish shooting games are much more fun to play than slots, here is why.

In slots, you only pay alone, it lacks the social element that table games such as poker and roulette has. Sometimes, it is much more enjoyable if you share the gaming experience with others. Table variants can offer a lot of excitement and vivacity that other casino games lack. 

Why is it more catchy than video slots?

Video slots are catchy, no doubt; however, over the time the game has produced multiple iterations that we all have seen before. Most of the slot tiles today are a duplicate of previous versions with only minimal modifications. 

Fish table games are providing something fresh to the world of table games. Also, due to the similarities of this game to most arcade games, it will be much easier to attract players who don’t normally gamble.


Fish shooting is an ambiguous table game that combines the profitability of casino games and the energy of an arcade game. This form of gambling may not be as popular as slots and poker, but it certainly exudes a unique charm that will eventually win more hearts in the future.