High Stakes Poker Pro Releases Elite Cash Game Exploits Course

Upswing Poker’s latest standalone course offers strategy insights from one of the most successful high-stakes players in the world.

Uri Peleg brings his poker cash game prowess to Upswing in the newly-released “Elite Cash Game Exploits with Uri Peleg” course. One of the most well-respected pros among his high-stakes poker peers, Peleg’s exploitative strategy approach makes him a consistent winner in the world’s toughest poker games.

While the advent of poker solvers leads many top players to emulate a game-theory-optimal (GTO) strategy, Peleg’s approach utilizes modern technology to form a cutting-edge exploitative approach to poker.

Peleg developed his high-stakes winning strategy through years of gameplay, along with solver research, evaluation of opponent’s strategies, and database analysis. The cash game master now brings his experience, forged through thousands of hours of work on and off of the table, to the Elite Cash Game Exploits Course.

“I’m going to break a lot of misconceptions for you guys about how GTO works, about how HUDs work, about how multiway works, and generally about how to exploit,” Peleg says. “That’s Exploitative Poker 101.”

What You Get From The Elite Cash Game Exploits Course

“Exploitative Poker 101” represents one of four sections in the Elite Cash Game Exploits Course. Those four sections included in the 25-hour course include:

Exploitative Poker 101 – Peleg introduces the concept of exploitative poker, and addresses the issues with GTO-based play in multiway pots. The first part of the course also advises on how to use HUDs and player statistics, and hard vs. soft exploits.

Preflop – How important is preflop play in poker? Peleg addresses that question, along with how to adjust to different opponents preflop, how and when to attempt button steals, and how and when to 3-bet and 4-bet.

Postflop – Peleg breaks down postflop play into a 17-section module. Topics include postflop exploits, bet sizing, continuation betting, player archetypes, and more.

Play & Exploits – Peleg’s take on Upswing Poker’s Play & Explain series, Play & Exploits features hours of video of Peleg playing in some of the toughest online games in the world. Peleg offers detailed insights into his thought processes as he plays.

Bonus #1: Late Position Steal App – The Late Position Steal App allows you to build custom preflop strategies against different player types, maximizing your ability to exploit opponents. You get the app, a $199 value, for free when you purchase the Elite Cash Game Exploits Course.

Bonus #2: Advanced Preflop Ranges – Buying the Elite Cash Game Exploits Course also grants access to the Advanced Preflop Ranges database. A $299 value, the database includes 539 preflop ranges, which you’ll get access to for free when you purchase the course.

Price: $999 – You’ll get lifetime access to Uri Peleg’s Elite Cash Game Exploits Course for a one-time fee of $999.

About Upswing Poker

Founded by poker pros Doug Polk and Ryan Fee, Upswing Poker is the world’s most comprehensive poker training site. Since launching in 2016, Upswing Poker has earned a reputation as one of the most popular and respected poker education resources in the world.

The addition of Uri Peleg adds another world-class player to a roster of coaches that includes Nick Petrangelo, Gary “GazzyB123” Blackwood, Ryan “PokerWithRiske” Riske, David “MissOracle” Yan, and many other elite high-stakes players.