3 Reasons to Try Texas Hold’em in 2021

Poker is one of those games you either get into and dedicate time to or forget and don’t play for years. Some of you probably already play poker regularly and some of you probably played years ago but stopped. We’re here to offer three reasons why you should try it again in 2021 and beyond. Who knows, you may do better than you think?

1) Soft games

The biggest reason most people don’t play is fear of losing or perhaps they saw the games get tougher. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a professional poker player to win (although it certainly helps!). There are plenty of poker sites available to play on, not just the usual big ones.

Some of the smaller sites offer very fishy games and are beatable in both cash and tournament formats. We recommend you shop around before registering online, find the softest poker sites through poker review websites and stick to them first. Then, you’ll be able to generate a better win rate and have more fun too.

2) Growing industry

Gambling online has never been so popular. Whilst the global pandemic has ruined many industries, there have been some industries growing during Covid and gambling is one. Perhaps it was due to the fact people were at home more but gambling has been a growing industry for years. This means there’s more players and more importantly, more newbies entering every year. This offers greater prizes, easier games and more options to recreational players.

3] HUDs Banned

The final reason to try Texas Hold’em this year is the clampdown on HUDs. More and more online poker sites are banning HUDs as they felt it was ruining the game. This is a huge deal for social players who don’t use the advanced software grinders rely on to help them with things like button strategy.

Banning HUDs is a step forward for the poker community as reduces the edge that poker regs have on the rest of the poker players. This stat tracking software have helped poker players gain an even greater edge on their opponents. The sites that have banned them are taking a stand in favour of the recreational players. This move should entice more social players to return to the poker tables in 2021 and beyond.

Image Source: Unsplash